How to Help

The Free Bible Project by Covenant Press relies on faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to further this noble cause.  Rather than solicit donations, we want to provide something valuable in return and for that reason we have published an elegant, high quality King James Version of the Holy Bible with Old and New Testaments comparable to the 1611 edition—also called the Authorized Version.

This handsome edition features a matte, parchment print on both front, back, and spine, beautiful cream-colored pages, and large, easy-to-read, 8-point Times New Roman font with only 713 pages.  This Bible is part of the CCC's Free Bible Project, a ministry devoted to spreading God's Word to the poor and those with limited access.  The digital version of this can be found for free under Downloads on the navigation menu above.  All proceeds from the sale of the print edition, less expenses, are used for the FBP and to support our parent ministries.

You can support our cause by purchasing a copy here.

If you prefer Young's Literal Translation, you can purchase one here.